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Five Reasons Why You Need a SharePoint Consultant for Your Small Business

Everything changes completely if your business happens to acquire Office 365 or SharePoint. After the configuration of email accounts, and everything is working in order, you are then required to move documents to a central place to allow collaboration.

However, the reality kicks in when you start using the platforms. Sometimes things might not work as you expected. So, the question in your mind is, how can you utilize this tool and convert it into an efficient, productive and collaborative environment for your small business?

Mostly, you are normally faced with two choices; do it yourself or hire a SharePoint consultant.  This article gives you five reasons why you need a SharePoint consultant for your small business.

SharePoint cannot be compared to DropBox

The mistake many people do is comparing SharePoint to DropBox which is usually a big misconception. SharePoint and DropBox share completely different paths. The idea behind the development of DropBox was to make sharing and synchronizing documents in the cloud platform easier.

However, SharePoint was designed to be an entirely independent platform. The main idea behind its design was to improve collaboration at the business level in order to solve various needs. SharePoint was not intended to be a storage solution.

It has been in existence for over a decade and has a very complicated system which is very independent. That’s why small businesses will always require the services of a consultant to make its implementation successful.  

Increased functionality

SharePoint is a tool used for document management and collaboration. SharePoint consultants can stretch the application’s capabilities and design custom solutions that can offer critical functionalities.

If your business faces a challenge which cannot be solved by customized SharePoint solutions, the consultant can use their expertise to improve the platform and resolve the challenge. A customized document approval is one way to enjoy SharePoint’s advanced document management benefits.

This includes email notifications which are normally determined by role and approval stages. These stages improve the speed of the review process while maintaining full control and security of your business sensitive documents.  

Small businesses cannot keep up with SharePoint evolution   

SharePoint is a tool as well as a technology. As expected, technology keeps on evolving. In the past, every new SharePoint version had its challenges which included new configurations and changes in user interface settings.

Microsoft is in competition with other developers, and it has accelerated the pace of changes in to keep SharePoint competitive and relevant. Remember, as a small business; you will have little control over these changes as they happen.

For these businesses to adapt to these changes, they have to spend a considerable amount of time and resources. However, a SharePoint consultant can rescue the situation and give the business ample time to focus on its core activities.

Increased productivity

SharePoint gives you the platform to develop workflows which can enable users in your business connect. Your business’ response time to customer needs is determined by the speed and efficiency it which this connection occurs.

However, a SharePoint consultant can assist you to maximize productivity within your business. The consultant can ensure that the business is operating optimally by streamlining processes in your business.  

Implementing custom workflows is one way in which the consultant can add value and increase productivity. Status tracking software which automates specific project notifications based on the project’s events is one of the custom workflows.

Increase ROI

Maximizing investments is usually the main idea of any business venture. A SharePoint consultant can assist your business to achieve very high financial returns.

The consultant can assist your enterprise to integrate SharePoint with other applications in the business.  This can help your business to increase ROI through lowering production costs and increasing output.

Your business can reap countless benefits by hiring a SharePoint consultant. These advantages are vital and cannot be determined by the needs, industry, and size of your business.

As your business grows, the expert can use additional features to customize the platform. This can make your business to continue reaping maximum benefits.

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