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Competing with E-Commerce Giants

In today’s age, the age of Amazon, Overstock, and other giants dominating the online retail landscape, it can seem like an impossible battle to try to make any headway and get enough traffic to to really grow your e-commerce business online. Although, it’s true that if you’re reading this then there’s probably no chance you’re going to have the manpower to truly compete with Amazon, but that doesn’t mean that you still can’t carve out a slice of the pie and experience incredible growth for your retail business online. There are a few strategies that some of the most cunning smaller brands employ online that you can emulate for yourself.

Competing with the E-Commerce Giants is Still Very Possible

The first thing you should think about is focusing your niche. Amazon didn’t start out to be the online marketplace for anything and everything online. They actually started out focusing on books. They made a name for themselves by being the go-to spot for buying books online and then utilized that traction to propel them forward as they broadened their focus. Many other giants have similar startup stories.


Niche Down Your Product Focus

You can’t hope to have the expertise or manpower to go up against the industry leaders when you first start. It’s better to find an audience that is under-served and become their go-to retailer. Many people are looking for more than what they receive from the giant retailers online. They have some need that isn’t filled by just free shipping and convenience. They want a more curated selection, more knowledgeable or personal customer service or maybe even to support a brand whose mission they believe in. Think of it as like the difference between going to a bike shop and talking to a professional cyclist about your next bike purchase and going to talk to the guy at the sporting goods section of Wal-Mart to talk about your sporting goods section. There are a few small companies that I’ve noticed have been doing this well recently. One example is the rug e-commerce site Southwestern Rugs Depot has become the go-to retailer for many customers by focusing on western area rugs, providing knowledgeable customer service, and having a highly curated selection.

Also, if you focus on a small niche in the beginning then you can use the information and data you gain by interacting with your customers to fuel your growth and make knowledgeable decisions going forward. What do they like about your website, your brand, your selection? These are all questions that will be extremely valuable as you continue to scale and your advertising and branding budget goes up. It’s better to make mistakes when there’s less eyes on you and then when you find what works for you, double down, triple down on it.

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