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How to Choose From the Different Types of IT Asset Management Software in the Market


For most business leaders, finding all the necessary tools and software to help their companies compete competitively in the marketplace is second nature. To have a clear understanding of your business and every asset it has, it is crucial that you get excellent asset management software. This piece of software helps businesses to keep track of the available resources, monitor company properties and compile data on the value of assets, their usage and even where they are located within the premises.

A lot of times, small startups use accounting software or Excel to do these tasks. The challenge with this approach is that MS Excel and accounting software are not designed for these tasks. As a result, the systems often break down or fail to function properly. Consequently, the efficiency in the workplace is lost and output drops significantly.


The best option for businesses, regardless of their size, is using IT asset management software. While choosing from the different types of IT Asset management software available in the market can be a challenging task, if you know what to look for, it is possible to get the perfect IT asset management software that will increase efficiency and productivity at your business premises. To help you get the best software for the particular needs of your business, here are two questions you should seek answers for.

Does the IT asset management software include apps for android, Windows and iOS?

The objective behind using IT asset management software is to make the process of monitoring and managing your business resources easier. Therefore, you should go for the software that includes apps for android, Windows and iOS. These apps will simplify the process of obtaining asset information remotely and after the working hours.

What auditing options are available with the IT asset management software?

Different types of IT Asset management software have different audit options available for businesses. Choose the software that makes it possible and easy for you to do asset audits so that you can verify the assets your company owns and identify their location within the internal network of your business. Good asset management software should have the option for scheduling an audit time frame, easily note the unrecorded or missing assets and make the necessary changes, and get your business process status updates.

In addition to this capability the best IT asset management software in the market will allow you to do an audit from any of its several modes rather than keep switching from one mode to the next. You may also want to limit what your auditor sees if he is not part of your organization. You can do this using a feature called blind audit. It allows an auditor to carry out his tasks without seeing sensitive business information that you would want to keep within the company.

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